This beautiful 138-page full-color eBook PDF for iPhone, Android, Mac & PC Computers can be read with the Kindle App, Adobe Acrobat or any PDF viewer or (see LINKS for suggested viewers).

It is recommended to read Portraits of Consciousness in a viewer that provides an Index Page where all 128 mantras & mandalas can be seen together.  This will differ depending if you prefer to view it on your phone or your computer.  For instance, the KINDLE for iPhone provides this index but their desktop version does not. Conversely, the ACROBAT READER for iPhone doesn't provide an index whereas the desktop version does.  In any case, there will be one that works best for you based on your own preferences.  Viewing on a computer screen is beautiful and a completely different experience than viewing it in the palm of your hand.  No matter what device you choose to view it on, it is recommended to have the brightness level on a high setting for more vibrant colors.

Although this is an eBook, reading it from start to finish is only one way to experience it and you may wish to begin with that. However, seeing all thumbnail images at once in an Index (see image on right) allows for intuitively or randomly choosing a particular mantra/mandala, similar to picking a tarot card.  You may then choose to work with that particular mantra/mandala exclusively.  

iPHONE: When you first open the PDF, clicking on the cover will open options at the top or bottom of the screen.  Click More, then choose Import with Kindle rather than Send to Kindle or Open In to see other available viewing apps.  COMPUTER:  In Kindle, under FILE, choose Import PDF or Open the downloaded PDF file in Adobe Acrobat. When given a Page Display choice, always choose Single Page rather than Continuous.  

Consult the selections in the LINKS for Suggested Viewers page.