What we allow into our Consciousness –thoughts, beliefs, images and ideas, influences our perception of Reality.  

This beautiful collection is an invitation to enter the portal of these mantras and mandalas with your imagination and see where you might be taken.  What do you see?  What do you hear? What do you feel?  Are you getting a message?

Portraits of Consciousness offers entry into an expanded vision of possibility, accessing a deeper truth within and ultimately sparking a remembrance of who you truly are.  With that inner connection, you are then more able to create an external world in alignment with your true Inner Being.

The adventure begins here.


Your Soul is about to take you on an adventure . . . through portals, passageways, gateways and unknown aspects of your Self.  We all have dreams, missions, roles and purposes, but for most of us they remain hidden from our conscious awareness – that is until the time comes when they refuse to be ignored or denied any longer.  That time is Now . . . (from the introduction)