Each mandala begins as a macro photograph of a flower. As more flower photos are layered one on top of the other, a kaleidoscopic image of colors and patterns slowly begins to emerge. Up to 50 layers are then merged to create the final image.





Each mantra is written in iambic heptameter – a verse style or rhythm consisting of seven metrical “feet,” almost like seven heartbeats: daDUM daDUM daDUM daDUM daDUM daDUM daDUM.  It is suggested you read the mantras out loud, and you will begin to hear the repeated pattern of emphasis seven times in each mantra.  This repetition is intentional, and when spoken out loud, you may notice resistance in your body or your mind.  This is an indication that you're holding a belief that is contrary to what the mantra is suggesting.  The power of the mantra is to bypass the conscious mind and go deep into the subconscious where the resistant belief exists, usually unnoticed.  When partnered with the mandalas, you begin to remove the limiting, subconscious beliefs and can begin to reprogram your Consciousness with ideas and beliefs more in alignment with what you really want, and who you truly are.



Karena Domenico is a visionary artist, photographer, designer and Reiki Practioner passionate about the evolution of consciousness.  Portraits of Consciousness is the alchemystic expression of her Spiritual, Creative and Devotional life.